Providing consultancy services across Africa
Our Story

Originally founded in the IT sector, our story began over 14 years ago, with a group of devoted consultants, who went looking for a better way to deliver service, guided by core values, namely:
Respect, Teamwork, Collaboration & Education.

Firmly rooted in Africa, we pride ourselves on delivery of exceptional products and services while maintaining a balanced perspective on the value of human capital and what it means to be invested.
The Cedar Connect team is a family of energetic individuals who collectively seek to broaden our understanding and knowledge of the market & our clients needs. Distinguishing ourselves through interpersonal team development that places customer centric approaches at the heart of the consultation process.

"Attitude determines altitude"

Inspired by the magnificent Clanwilliam Cedar, our company draws inspiration from the Cedar's distinctive qualities and it is echoed in our ethos of distinction namely, longevity, adaptability and extensive root system that remains deeply rooted in Africa and able to flourish where few others can survive.

"Rooted in Africa, growing globally"
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