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Searching for the perfect candidate or seeking to bridge skills gaps fast?
We have solutions to suit every talent acquisition strategy.
Permanent Placements

The Cedar Connect team comprises industry insiders who have the capacity to identify the best candidates for each role. Our finely-tuned recruitment process unveils candidates’ true motivations, skills, aptitudes and experience – to ensure the right fit and the ability to add value from day one.

Part of this process includes liaising with you to build a relevant skills questionnaire for the position. This is conducted by a senior member of the Cedar Connect team to ensure any technical questions are consistent with the client requirements. The process is recorded and shared with you for review.

  • Improve the quality of your hires
  • Enhance your retention rates
  • Candidate abilities and values matched to your firm
  • Fully compliant recruitment process
Managed Staffing Solutions

For clients who want to optimise their resources with a more flexible workforce, Cedar Connect offers Managed Staffing Solutions.

Access the diverse and specialised skills your business needs as you need them, without your HR function having to shoulder the complex administrative and compliance burden that comes with acquiring and managing non-permanent staff.

As a Managed Staffing partner, we take the time to understand your business priorities, values and goals to build a pertinent talent solution. We act as a single point of contact for sourcing, vetting and managing your entire contract and temporary workforce.

  • Increased workforce flexibility
  • High-calibre skills on demand
  • Alleviates burden on the HR function
  • Compliance is expertly managed
  • Centralised control for resource efficiencies
Managed to Permanent Staffing

We also provide a Managed to Permanent Staffing option, which enables you to retain exceptional talent as your business grows.

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